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Not enough procrastination in your day? Here are a few of my favorite distractions...


Pop Culture:

  • The Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center - Finally, a site dedicated to the 20th century's more prolific artist.
  • - An amazing artist and phantom pop-culture icon. seriously, and one of the last bastions of Bohemianism.
  • - Gossip-fueled celebrity art.
  • - My two favorite memories of the sixth-grade: finding the Suzanne Sommers issue of Playboy on my paper route, and watching "Star Blazers" before school each morning.
  • Surreal Web Toys and Games - I particularly like the Spammer Name Generator.
  • Adfreak - The most thought-provoking advertising from around the globe.
  • Matisyahu - Of all the Hasidic reggae rappers out there, this guy is my favorite. Listen to him now, thank me later.