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So, when is the next book?

Songs of Willow Frost will be hitting bookstore shelves September 10, 2013. Thanks for waiting, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


In HOTEL you mention going online, but isn't that part of the story set in 1986? How is that possible?

I'm afraid I have to reveal just how geeky I truly am. I was on Compuserve in 1984, with an old coupler modem like you saw in the movie Wargames. Back when you had to pay $100 to sign up and were charged by the hour. Just because most people weren't online then, doesn't mean no one was. Just the few, the proud, the computer geeks...


What is your superpower?

Hmmm...I would have to say that my superpower is that I am impervious to hang-overs. What's your superpower?

Thanks to Danielle F. from Indiana for a great question.


If you're Chinese, how did you get the name "Ford?"

Good question. My great-grandfather was a man named Min Chung, who immigrated from Kaiping, China around 1865. Later, while working in Tonopah, Nevada, he adopted the very western name of William Ford. (In fact, he's mentioned in a few history books).

Oddly enough, his son, George William Ford, was an actor in Hollywood and had to switch back to make his ethnicity more demonstrative. He appeared as a bit actor and extra in numerous films as George Chung. He also taught martial arts and was a consultant on the 70s series, Kung-Fu.

Now you know, Grasshoppah.