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Time for me to fly

I've been writing ALL SUMMER LONG. By that I mean, head-down, eyes-forward, fugue-state, little contact with the real world, living in my Batman pajamas and Mariners hoodie (yes, all writers are also part-time fashion criminals), in a common-law marriage with my laptop WRITING. And it's been wonderful.

I'm just shy of 80,000 words on the next novel. No title yet, which is driving me bonkers, but I'm sure it'll manifest and introduce itself to me soon.

But, I also have a smattering of book travel to Connecticut, Louisiana, Virginia, Chicago, Spokane, Seattle, and Billings. So, dusting off the suitcase, loading up on audio books, and bracing myself for a vigorous airport pat-down.

See you soon.



Suffield Academy
185 North Main St
Suffield, CT
(860) 386-4400

12:55 pm
Private Event



Caddo Parish High School
1601 Viking Drive
Shreveport, LA
(318) 221-2501

6:00 pm
Talk & Signing



Roanoke Valley Reads
Shaftman Performance Hall
Roanoke, VA

7:00 pm
Talk & Signing



Bernie's Book Bank
Book Lover's Lunch
Union League Club Chicago
(847) 780-7323

11:30 am
Talk & Signing



Bedtime Stories Spokane
Spokane Club
Spokane, WA
(206) 682-1770

6:00 pm
Talk & Signing



Lit Crawl
Richard Hugo House
1634 11th Ave.
Seattle, WA

7:00 pm



High Plains Book Awards Gala
Yellowstone Art Musuem
Billings, MT

7:30 pm
Talk & Signing




My blog silence is the sound of me writing, plus interview goodness

In the last three years of book travels I have amassed 828,000 frequent flyer miles with Delta. That's a LOT of airline peanuts and time spent being frisked at the airport. And loyalty programs are such weird concept with airlines anyway because you fly until you're weary of flying and your reward is...more flying.

So, I'm just sitting on the miles, hoping to someday reach 1,000,000 and perhaps I'll qualify for a ride in a Tardis, the Space Shuttle, or maybe they'll just do an intervention where they pry the suitcase from my hand. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

BUT...for now I'm home. Yes, HOME! And I'm in the middle of a lovely, three-month oasis of time, with nothing but my laptop, a cup of coffee, my dogs at my feet, the sound of the rain, and a new novel in the works.


I might blog a bit less, but know that it means something better is coming your way.


Speaking of blogs. Here are a few recent interviews to keep you busy:

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The Hive - A brief rant on my love/hate relationship with technology.

Authors on the Air - Call in, ask questions, tell us your secrets.


Your handy, dandy guide to Jamie's not-so-secret writing lair

Someone recently asked the “where do you write?” question. Here’s the answer:

  1. Halloween door-knocker, purchased eons ago. Used to ring and say, “Beeeewaaare!” but the batteries are dead.
  2. Hanging koi wind-socks. I have no idea where I got these.
  3. Poster of the story Broken Glass by Harlan Ellison. Signed by Harlan.
  4. National Geographic Map of the Pacific, circa 1943, purchased at an antique store in Oregon for $1.75.
  5. Nice email from Pat Conroy.
  6. Access info for checking on my kids’ grades.
  7. Big green jewel. Was an award from the Pulpwood Queens.
  8. Partial manuscript: Whispers of a Thunder God.
  9. iTunes, currently playing Cheap Trick: Live at Budokan.
  10. ARCs and galleys I should be reading. Also comics. Currently reading Nick Spencer’s Morning Glories.
  11. A small urn of my father’s ashes, which doubles as a paperweight. Thanks, Dad.
  12. Bumper stickers from Write Bloody Publishing.
  13. Yes, I have a chaise lounge in the middle of my office. Shouldn't everyone?
  14. Asia, current title-holder of: “World’s Laziest Dog.”
  15. KISS throw-blanket, covering a quilt that Leesha made (not pictured).
  16. Milk crate I’ve used as a printer stand since college. Leesha wants it to go away.
  17. ARC of Queen of America by Luis Alberto Urrea, which is beyond excellent.
  18. Daruma doll. You make a wish and color in one eye. No, I’m not tellin’...

Also, I sometimes write at the public library, but for the most part, my days and occasional nights are spent here.


A day in the life

Writing fiction is a strange, absorbing, somewhat magical process. But to the casual observer, it's probably akin to watching iron rust.

This was my writing day, yesterday as I worked on the new book, from about 6:30 am to 2:30 pm at one frame every 30 seconds. With breaks of course for caffeinated beverages, checking emails, taking phone calls, juggling flaming chainsaws...

Tomorrow will look a lot like yesterday.