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Most banned books are banned by people who've never read them

Hey, it's Banned Books Week! Time to celebrate such utterly disturbing classics as Captain Underpants (offensive language), Thirteen Reasons Why (suicide), The Kite Runner (homosexuality), Beloved (religious viewpoint), and a host of other books certain to rankle the granny-panties of your local school board. 

The sad thing is, often these books are banned outright, without the person(s) doing the banning ever reading the book. That was the case with Ellen Hopkins who was uninvited from an event in Texas, based on the subject matter of her book Crank, a book dealing with meth, which Hopkins' own daughter was once addicted to.

Ah, context, you sure are a tricky thing.

Which brings me to tomorrow (not meth) and a Banned Books Week Event on Google+ where I'll be hanging out live online with friends and fellow authors Deb Caletti, Sean Beaudoin, and Kathleen Alcala, discussing banned books with host Brian Klems from Writer's Digest. So if you're not busy reading a banned book, please join us.