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It's like Halloween, but with cool books and fewer slutty costumes

A few weeks ago my hard-working, relentless, never-ceasing-to-amaze-me publicist called with BIG NEWS that I couldn't share with anyone. No, it wasn't Oprah or the Nobel Prize committee calling. It wasn't even about a visit to my junior high school library (one of my favorite book events of all time). She was calling to inform me that Hotel on the Corner of You Know What had been selected for World Book Night US.

What is World Book Night? It's when thousands of intrepid book lovers from coast to coast give away 500,000 books on the night of William Shakespeare's birthday--how utterly cool is that? Authors and publishers waive their royalties (I'm being paid in karma, which is accepted in more places than Visa) all for the cause of sharing great stories and increasing literacy in places that need it most.

You can even volunteer to give away books in your community.

Okay, enough news. I'm off to pack...more tour...more travel...see you soonish.

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