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A hard day's World Book Night

Selfie time with Maria Semple and readers! Photo by Justus.We came. We saw. We pimped free books like it was nobody's business. Here are a few highlights of World Book Night:

A lovely kick-off event at Elliott Bay Books with Maria Semple (who is hilarious, spontaneous, and my new personal hero). Most memorable was Maria's tale of a Buddhist monk telling her that writers don't need to trouble themselves with the normal disciplines of Buddhism because writers are creators and therefore bodhisattvas and have karmic "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" cards. Sign me up.

This photo on Instagram says it all.Signing books. And more books. Especially books at The Wing Luke Museum which now has enough signed books to build an ark. If you need a signed book (or are expecting high water) this is the place to go.

Giving books away at the actual Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet otherwise known as the Panama Hotel. Truth be told, I stayed at the Alexis where I immediately ran into Jan Johnson the owner of the Panama who jokingly dubbed me a "traitor" for not staying at her place. What can I say? I have a deep abiding weakness for 24-hour room service.

Then it was off to Lummi Island (pronounced Gummy, like the bears), where I read the first chapter of my currently untitled Book #3.

I always take my first chapter out for a test drive and this was the first time. My wife hasn't even read it. Must have been that ol' World Book Night magic in the air.

But the best part was hearing from all the book giver volunteers out there. THANK YOU. There's a special place for you in Heaven. I'm pretty sure it's a kick-ass library.


Books are the best gateway drugs

World Book Night US is upon us and soon 500,000 books will be given away in cities and towns all over the US. In that mix will be 50,000 copies of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet that my publisher has donated (and I waived all royalties).

The idea is for volunteer givers to pass out books to under served communities--everything from homeless shelters and prisons, to college campuses and starving college students (because honestly, if you're paying $275 for a textbook can you actually afford books to read for pleasure?)

Plus, this is an opportunity to just give books away, to share the joy of reading, to promote literacy. Speaking of, I had the privilege of meeting three students (from the US, Syria, and Romania) in an adult literacy program for whom Hotel was the first book they had ever read. How cool is that! It was an honor beyond any bestseller list.

So to do my part, I'll be at Elliott Bay Books in Seattle tomorrow with fellow author, Maria Semple, as we kick-off this wonderful, beautiful, crazy thing. And then on Weds I'll be at the Panama Hotel at 11:00am, giving away books, while they last. And some fine folks from the Wing Luke Asian Museum will be giving away books later that afternoon on the actual corner of Bitter & Sweet. Which is actually the corner of 6th & Main (which didn't sound quite as sexy as Bitter & Sweet, as far as book titles go).

Have a great World Book Night!


Come Un Fiore Ribelle

Photographing the ghosts of Canton Alley at the Wing Luke

It's been a week of Fiore Ribelles--rebel flowers.

Just when I thought I was done with airports and luggage for a while I had one more stop in Seattle at the Wing Luke Museum, bookended by tea at the Panama Hotel with friend and rebel author, Nicole Hardy (where we saw Amanda Knox. Guilty or innocent, she's a sad player in a modern tragedy).

Then it was lunch with my brother and his family, a new photo shoot, and finally dinner with the 2nd Tuesday Book Club at one of my favorite restaurants of all time, Phnom Pehn (Cambodian cuisine).

And now I'm off again, this time to BookCity Milano to promote Come Un Fiore Ribelle, or Like a Rebel Flower.

A few book events al Italia, then I'll be catching a train to Rome where I'm meeting Leesha and the kids for a much needed break with the familia. I've been traveling so much I'm afraid they're going to start calling me "Uncle Daddy." (YES, I miss you too!)


Speaking of familia (that's the name of a women's health organization in Africa), Leesha (my own rebel flower) just got back from Tanzania where she helped deliver a set of twins...one of them now named "Lisha."

This was her second trip this year and this time she traveled with another nurse to some of the more impoverished villages outside of Pommern and spent time with hundreds of oprhans, many with HIV, and very malnourished. She haggled in Swahili for 129 pairs of shoes, bought chickens (for eggs) so the children can add a bit of protien to a diet made up almost entirely of corn mash (ugali), and rice.


Yikes. Look at the time. Gotta plane to catch. Ciao.


Hello, Seattle. May I have this dance?

Tomorrow is the big day. Songs of Willow Frost (my sophomore novel, as interviewers like to call it) will officially be cast into the literary ether.

Here's the details on what's happening:

WHO: Me. I spent today signing stock at fifteen bookstores. I was shooting for seventeen (sorry Northgate and Lynnwood) but still broke my previous one-day record of twelve. Thank you Seattle for your abundance of fine bookeries.

WHAT: Today's nice interview in the Seattle Times will be followed up by a live online author chat on Tuesday at noon PST. If you're not too busy looking at Angry Cat memes, Pinterest recipes, or NFL fantasy football scores, you should join us.

WHERE: The SO FREAKIN' BIG IT'S WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS SONGS OF WILLOW FROST LAUNCH PARTY is at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets are going fast, so get there early. I'd love, love, love to see you there!

WHEN: Is the next event? Funny you should ask, because here's my tour schedule, including this salaciously titled event at Litquake called: Doubt, Debt, Drugs, and Determination. I need to do some drugs just to have something to talk about.

WHY: Is there a Songs of Willow Frost Walking Tour happening in the Chinatown International District and starting on November 9th? Because the folks at The Wing Luke Museum are really cool.

More tomorrow, but first. Zzzzzz...