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Too cool not to share, behold the Songs of Willow Frost comic cover mash-up masterpiece by art phenom, Jason Beam. As a like-long comic geek this cover made me squeal like an eight-year-old girl with a truckload of Hello Kitty pencil-toppers.

In other news, we're officially one week out from the BIG DAY. And yes, I'm getting nervous. I don't normally get all a-twitter about public speaking but this whole thing is all new, all over again. So hence the restlessness leading up to the kick-off in Seattle and subsequent F-5 whirlwind tour.

Speaking of Seattle I was just there for a little weekend R&R. I took Madi and a friend to Bumbershoot, the big arts and music festival held at the Seattle Center each labor day weekend. The last time I went was in 1988. Tickets were $3 (Now they're $63). It was fun but insanely crowded--just an absolute crush of humanity mingled with the ever-present smell of 3rd hand weed (it's like the 70s all over again).

Okay, back to Bookland. We'll speak again soon.


Mrs. Beatty says, “harrumph”

I love bookstores. I love them. So to support fine bookstores everywhere, I’m giving away an exclusive short story to anyone who boldly ventures into their local bookery and pre-orders Songs of Willow Frost (or pre-orders online from an honest-to-goodness brick-and-mortar bookstore).

Just text me a pic of your receipt or order confirmation, or heck—just send me a photo of you smiling with your friendly neighborhood bookseller and I will be delighted to email you a copy of Middle, Lost, and Found, a 7,000-word tale featuring Mrs. Beatty from Hotel on the Corner of You Know What. (And if you include a mailing address I’ll also send along a signed bookplate).

You can text images and contact information to (951) 750-9419 or email your information to me at bookstoresmatter@gmail.com. Name, address, the usual…

Books are a physical record of the human condition. And people who maintain these records deserve our support. Though I’m somewhat biased because I met my lovely wife at the public library and later dropped to one knee and proposed in a bookstore. (You can’t do that on a CENSORED).