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Vroman's Bookstore: Pasadena, CA

I woke up to a foggy LA sunrise. I wasn't sure if it was fog actually, maybe smog, or maybe Mötley Crüe just wrapped up an all-night set and the smoke machines were on overdrive.

Either way, it's been a busy day in Los Angeles filled with interviews, a quick photoshoot, stock signings, and a lovely evening event at Vroman's.

Two more interviews tomorrow, then off to La Jolla and Warwick's Books.

In other news (quite literally), here's yours truly in the pages of USA Today. And also a snippit in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Okay, time for a little room service and then sleepapalooza.


A gaggle of good news

As I'm idly sipping my tea this morning and awaiting a call from a reporter from USA Today, voila, this appears in my inbox: USA Today's 30 Coolest Books of the Fall Season. Ah, there's no kind of love like book love to nourish my authorly heart.

And in other news, WILLOW FROST has cracked the Top 100 at Barnes & Noble (currently at 62, I do believe), which is tremendous news, especially since the book won't be released until next Tuesday.


I have had several happy emails from readers who took me up on my offer to pre-order from a local bookstore, especially indie bookstores (there's a whole Indies first movement) and many of those stores have my new book now. Early books. A little book karma for those who pre-ordered locally.