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Hotel on the Corner of Willow and Frost

If you're wondering when Songs of Willow Frost will be released in trade paperback the answer is...um, sometime in March 2014. I don't mean to be quite so vague but the exact date is buried in my email and I'm too preoccupied with writing to find it.

But, I'm not too preoccupied to share the new cover.

Apparently, as much as everyone loved the hardback cover for Willow, we felt that a closer tie-in with Hotel was needed. Also, this is similar to the UK cover, which everyone loved (your's truly included). So, here 'tis:


Apparently I'm a rising star in the UK. Obviously they haven't heard me sing

If you're in the UK and into literary popularity contests, check out Amazon.co.uk's Rising Stars—The Best New Literary Talent.

Each year twelve books are chosen and readers vote via review, with the winner pocketing a slightly used Kindle and a tiara, or something like that.

I've been shortlisted to round two alongside S.J. Watson, Olivia Glazebrook, and Naomi Wood.

Thanks for your support. If elected, I promise more bread and circuses.