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Book travel: Daytona 500 Edition

NASCAR is alien to me. Yes, I’ve been to stock car races, seen some nasty crashes, seen some nasty hangover-of-the-year candidates (not me, but those around me), but I still don’t quite get it. I understand it’s all about the subtleties—of machine, crew, driver, etc. But in the end, all I see are blurs of logos.

Then again, maybe I’m less enchanted since there was not a rental car available for fifty miles upon landing in Jacksonville, because while I’m up north for the Amelia Island Book Festival, down yonder is the Daytona 500. Yes, that Daytona 500—where Dale Earnhardt hit the wall. It’s practically the Vatican of NASCAR.

Yet, I’m up here talking about books.

(Did I mention I recently did not one, but TWO book events on SuperBowl Sunday? I’m detecting a theme here…)

In addition to tomorrow evening’s speaking gig, I’m looking forward to meeting Susan Vreeland, since we both share the same editor. I met her for all of two seconds in Jefferson, Texas, but alas, I was late, I was late, for a very important date, and had to don a rabbit costume and dash out the door. Seriously.

In other happenings, I just finished a guest review of Kyung-Sook Shin’s heartbreaking novel, Please Look After Mom. It’ll be out in April, and you should read it. Then call your mother immediately.

Also, cover designs on the new book have begun in earnest. I’ll share when I can.

And the roses I sent to Leesha for Valentine’s Day (since I was en route to Fort Myers) arrived a day late.

Cupid is so fired.



And lest I forget, here's a lively back & forth interview with Heidi Durrow, author of








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