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Town Hall Seattle: Seattle, WA

The Willow Frost Tour is off to a flying start. My heartfelt thanks to the fans, friends, and family members who came out in support--from the special guests for the pre-event, to the 500+ in the Great Hall who indulged me while I read for an extra-long time (I normally read very little, but just couldn't stop!)

Time to fold up the circus tents and head to Auntie's Books in Spokane. Fare thee well Seattle, I'll be back November 9 for another gig at The Wing Luke Museum and for the first Willow Frost Walking Tour through the International District.

Wear comfortable shoes.


Hello, Seattle. May I have this dance?

Tomorrow is the big day. Songs of Willow Frost (my sophomore novel, as interviewers like to call it) will officially be cast into the literary ether.

Here's the details on what's happening:

WHO: Me. I spent today signing stock at fifteen bookstores. I was shooting for seventeen (sorry Northgate and Lynnwood) but still broke my previous one-day record of twelve. Thank you Seattle for your abundance of fine bookeries.

WHAT: Today's nice interview in the Seattle Times will be followed up by a live online author chat on Tuesday at noon PST. If you're not too busy looking at Angry Cat memes, Pinterest recipes, or NFL fantasy football scores, you should join us.

WHERE: The SO FREAKIN' BIG IT'S WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS SONGS OF WILLOW FROST LAUNCH PARTY is at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets are going fast, so get there early. I'd love, love, love to see you there!

WHEN: Is the next event? Funny you should ask, because here's my tour schedule, including this salaciously titled event at Litquake called: Doubt, Debt, Drugs, and Determination. I need to do some drugs just to have something to talk about.

WHY: Is there a Songs of Willow Frost Walking Tour happening in the Chinatown International District and starting on November 9th? Because the folks at The Wing Luke Museum are really cool.

More tomorrow, but first. Zzzzzz...


What's in a name?

It's almost tour time and I'm literally counting the days (okay, my iPhone app is).

And my wonderful and illustrious (and borderline masochistic) publicist is still adding events, pre-events, post-events. I suppose a post-pre event would be the actual event, but I digress...

What I'm getting around to is that the WILLOW FROST TOUR calendar has officially been posted, tickets are selling briskly for the launch event at Town Hall Seattle, and Willow is in the green room waiting for her call to the stage. The butterflies are only soothed by the kind words of one of my favorite authors:

“Ford is a first-rate novelist whose bestselling debut, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, was a joy to read. With his new book, he takes a great leap forward and demonstrates the uncanny ability to move me to tears.”—Pat Conroy, author of South of Broad

Pat's one of my literary heroes. His praise almost moves me to tears.


Release the Kracken!

Happy day! General admission tickets are now on sale for the WILLOW FROST kick-off event at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets are a whopping five bucks—a tuppence less than the average Seattlite spends on a sugar-free, grande soy latte. Plus, if you’re one of those socially awkward people who goes to the movie theater with a friend and then insists on a buffer seat between you, you can buy three seats for fifteen dollars and have no one invading your hyper-caffeinated space.

The original idea was to hold the event at The Moore Theatre (which appears in the book), but tickets would have been about $40, which would have included a hardback of Songs of Willow Frost. While it would have been tremendously cool to appear on the same stage once trod upon by the likes of Pearl Jam, my life insurance policy doesn't cover stage diving from the lighting rig, so it was a no-go.

In other news, Washington D.C. was a balmy 110°, which begs the questions, "Just how freaking hot does it have to be for our legislators to acknowledge that the Earth is getting hotter?" Maybe that'll come up at the next OCA convention. It was a social-awareness-enlarging experience to be among so many activists. Some were even so fervent that they were escorted from the premises. (Shout out to you, Juliet).

With fellow authors, Deanna Fei and Keith Chow, and our amazing host, Stan Lou.