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A girl, a TARDIS, and a dream

Kass, holding the model we began with.Yes, that's a punching bag named BOB.The TARDIS bookcase has landed!Since so many people have been asking about the TARDIS these days, I thought I'd give y'all the skinny on the "big blue box" upstairs. For those of you that don't watch Dr. Who, TARDIS stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space--it's basically a police call-box that the good Doctor uses to travel though time and space.

But the one we have in Kassie's room is also (wait for it) a bookcase.

All of my daughters are big readers, but Kassie is the most voracious of the bunch and also a mega Dr. Who fan (or Whovian). So for her birthday we went a little nuts and surprised her with the TARDIS.

Where does one find a TARDIS, you might ask? Well, I scoured the Internet for plans, and while websites like the Blue Box Project were incredibly helpful, ultimately I just went to Hastings and bought a small model and we scaled the plans up from there (those high school drafting classes came in handy). A full-scale TARDIS is almost ten feet tall, so our plans were 85% of scale. Also, there's now an official TARDIS Blue: Pantone 2955C. You can't buy it off the shelf but the kindly folks at your local paint store can mix it up.

From there I went straight to the pros at Precision Woodworks (and blew their minds with this rather odd project). They did an amazing job and then I added graphics culled from a Dr. Who door poster.

Could I build this thing myself? Absolutely. And it would look absolutely terrible! I'll stick to building hovercrafts