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Tanzania Mission, weekend off

Despite the weekend off, we still got up at chicken-thirty. The rooster that crows outside our door will become Lucas’ birthday dinner on Monday. I’m looking forward to sleeping past 6:00 AM on Tuesday.

Today we wandered back over to the Italian-run orphanage and chatted with folks for a while. So strange to banter back and forth with Europeans in Swahili. Then we played football with the little kids who all know our names by now and linger on the road and call our names while we’re napping (they know we have a real soccer ball).

The kids know us now and shout our names from the road when they want to play.

The rest of the crew went to Ruaha National Park while Karissa and me stayed behind. We wanted to go check out the churches tomorrow so we’re going to the Katoliki Mass at 8:00 AM and then the Lutheran service on the other side of the village at 10:30 AM. When in Rome…wait, didn’t the Roman’s throw Christians to the lions? I get very confused. Though I’m especially excited for the Lutheran service. I’ve been hearing their choir practice all week and they’re ridiculously amazing.

A previous visitor with Global Volunteers spent a few weeks here and then went home to Boston and raised funds to bring the Pomerini Choir to the US for two months (40 concerts). The concert proceeds paid for the piping to bring water to the village. Before 2008, women and children would walk 5 km each way to fetch water, going back and forth several times throughout the day as needed for cooking, washing, bathing, etc.

Tomorrow get to hear the choir for free. And enjoy water anytime.


Does anyone know how to say, "Turn off your freakin' iPhone!" in Swahili?

9,400 miles later, we made it. To Dar es Salaam at least. The plane rides (all four) were actually quite manageable. The TSA staff even complimented us on how well-behaved our teenagers were when we went through security at which point Leesha and me looked at each other and exclaimed, "YES, the Benadryl worked!"

18 bags, including 10 packed with donated medical supplies.

 The SeaTac tribe, gathered round the "fire".

The plane to Amsterdam was like a tunnel of bad moviesWell, it's night, we're weary, and I can't find my UK power-plug adaptor so time to turn in. Now if I can just figure out this whole mosquito netting thing around my bed.