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The view from here

The countdown begins. It's officially T-35 days until Songs of Willow You Know What arrives in stores. I'm busy researching (new book), editing (short story), running (eight miles!), and going AFK once in a while (AFK means: Away From Keyboard) in anticipation of my upcoming book travels which will be a whirlwind of airports, rental cars, hotels, bookstores, libraries, and the occasional concert hall.

In related news, Willow was chosen as an Indie Next List pick for September, and was also highlighted in August's Goodreads.com newsletter which went out to twenty million readers. No going back now.

Between edits I managed to get out and climb Mt. Henkel, which was akin to climbing the stairs of three-and-a-half Empire State Buildings. Misery loves company, so bring a friend.


Release the Kracken!

Happy day! General admission tickets are now on sale for the WILLOW FROST kick-off event at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets are a whopping five bucks—a tuppence less than the average Seattlite spends on a sugar-free, grande soy latte. Plus, if you’re one of those socially awkward people who goes to the movie theater with a friend and then insists on a buffer seat between you, you can buy three seats for fifteen dollars and have no one invading your hyper-caffeinated space.

The original idea was to hold the event at The Moore Theatre (which appears in the book), but tickets would have been about $40, which would have included a hardback of Songs of Willow Frost. While it would have been tremendously cool to appear on the same stage once trod upon by the likes of Pearl Jam, my life insurance policy doesn't cover stage diving from the lighting rig, so it was a no-go.

In other news, Washington D.C. was a balmy 110°, which begs the questions, "Just how freaking hot does it have to be for our legislators to acknowledge that the Earth is getting hotter?" Maybe that'll come up at the next OCA convention. It was a social-awareness-enlarging experience to be among so many activists. Some were even so fervent that they were escorted from the premises. (Shout out to you, Juliet).

With fellow authors, Deanna Fei and Keith Chow, and our amazing host, Stan Lou.


There are easier ways to get tickets to the Willow Frost kick-off event

Tickets are oh-fish-ully on-sale for the launch event at Town Hall Seattle. The members-only sale begins today with general admission beginning next week. (Members get seats closest to the mosh pit, smoke machine, get sprayed with pieces of sledge-hammered watermelon—the usual).

The kindly folks at Third Place Books will be selling books on-site. Suddenly I feel the need to sell tour t-shirts. You can never have too many black t-shirts, right?


What do readers Gini, Annie, and Trisha have in common?

Aside from their charm, beauty, intelligence, and brilliant taste in books, these three lucky readers will be receiving advance reader copies of Songs of Willow Frost.

Congrats to:

Gini Luther
Annie Arvidson
Trisha David

Books will go out this week. Hope you enjoy spending some time with William and Willow!

And if you're arriving late to the party, you can still sign up to the fanlist. I'll be giving away more free copies soon.