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Hotel on the Corner of Willow and Frost

If you're wondering when Songs of Willow Frost will be released in trade paperback the answer is...um, sometime in March 2014. I don't mean to be quite so vague but the exact date is buried in my email and I'm too preoccupied with writing to find it.

But, I'm not too preoccupied to share the new cover.

Apparently, as much as everyone loved the hardback cover for Willow, we felt that a closer tie-in with Hotel was needed. Also, this is similar to the UK cover, which everyone loved (your's truly included). So, here 'tis:


The countdown begins

Yikes. The debut of Willow Frost is lurking just out of sight, like a helicopter parent on the first day of preschool. We're less than two weeks away now and the reviews are starting to roll in. Here's a brief inclusion of Songs of Willow Frost in a list of six must-read books according to the Seattle Times.


If you don't I will show up on your doorstep and sing bad karaoke until you do.


Time to pay those library fines

I check out books en masse. Yes, I'm that guy who schleps twenty books to the counter. What can I say? I like to read a gaggle of books at a time (especially for research). And I've been known to hang onto a book or two (or ten) way beyond the normal return date. Which is a polite way of saying I've ended up buying several books from the library rather than return them. But I always pay my fines. I consider it a badge of honor.

Speaking of honors, SONGS OF WILLOW FROST was recently named to LibraryReads inaugural Top-10 list of books recommended by librarians all across the country. The complete list is here. 

It's huge honor, one I hold in high regard, particularly because I hold librarians in high regard (after all, Batgirl was a librarian). And if you haven't seen this great librarians ala Beastie Boys video, behold:

M&D 2013 Sabotage from Mike and Duane Show on Vimeo.


What's in a name?

It's almost tour time and I'm literally counting the days (okay, my iPhone app is).

And my wonderful and illustrious (and borderline masochistic) publicist is still adding events, pre-events, post-events. I suppose a post-pre event would be the actual event, but I digress...

What I'm getting around to is that the WILLOW FROST TOUR calendar has officially been posted, tickets are selling briskly for the launch event at Town Hall Seattle, and Willow is in the green room waiting for her call to the stage. The butterflies are only soothed by the kind words of one of my favorite authors:

“Ford is a first-rate novelist whose bestselling debut, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, was a joy to read. With his new book, he takes a great leap forward and demonstrates the uncanny ability to move me to tears.”—Pat Conroy, author of South of Broad

Pat's one of my literary heroes. His praise almost moves me to tears.