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Reach out and friend someone

I must confess, I adore social media, because it's still so shiny and new and satisfies the computer geek in me. (For those of you keeping score at home I began this journey in 1983 with a TI-99 and a coupler modem, like the kind used in the movie, Wargames).

So with a new book on the literary horizon, this seemed like an apt time to point out where you can find me on the Interwebs.

Facebook: Of course the ubiquitous, 8,000,000,000 lb. silverback gorilla of social media. Is there anyone not on Facebook and if so, how's that 8-track tape collection? There're coming back...they're coming back...you wait.

The thing with Facebook, and a conundrum for the cyber-gurus at Random House, is that I have a normal Facebook account and also a fan page (or whatever FB is calling them these days), you know, those pages that you can LIKE.

Why both? Because my normal FB account will someday max out at 5,000 friends (that's the limit), so at some point the fan page will takeover. So while HOTEL has 10,000+ LIKEs, my fan page only has 1,000+. Hopefully that will switch with time, more books, more blood sacrifices to the Internet gods, etc.

Twitter: I love Twitter. It appeals to my minute, gnat-like attention spa...what's that music playing in the next room? Twitter delivers new (and rumors) in real time. What's more to want in 140 characters? And you can follow me here.

Instagram: If you'd like to see the world though my own bloodshot eyes, IG is the way to go. You'll find a mix of "day in the life stuff" as well as "just plain ol' personal, yet seemingly random stuff."

LinkedIn: Honestly, since I left the corporate world behind I don't have much use for LinkedIn. But I do have an account and people friend me and recommend me all the time. My info on LinkedIn is true, but blatantly so.

Goodreads: Readers + Authors. What more could you want? You can find me here.

And in case you're wondering (and folks occasionally do), it's me on all these social media venues. Not my publicist, not my agent, not at assistant. Good, bad, whatever, it's me. Nice to meet you.


Wednesday Writers Hangout: Agent Edition

On Google+ yet? It's their latest foray into the social networking mosh-pit, currently occupied by Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, et al. And so far, I'm still intrigued. For one, it's strictly 18+, which means fewer posts like, "Beliebers will rool 4ever <3."

But beyond that, their Hangout feature is what makes it truly unique. Hangouts are like Skype video chats, expanded to accommodate 10 people. So a few of us authorly-types have been hosting Writers Hangouts (mine are on Wednesdays, noon PST).

This week we were joined by my über-agent, Kristin Nelson, who spent time answering questions about genres, queries, and the mystery of ghostwriters who pen books for the likes of Snooki. It's a tough job, but some poor writer had to get all up in that.