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There's no crying in baseball, just the occasional begging...

For funds and donations. In this case it's for girls' high school softball.

My daughter, Rissa, is on the first softball team ever at Great Falls Central, which is awesome, though it's challenging because they don't have existing gear and equipment. So they're doing the normal school fundraiser things like going door-to-door selling stuff and drumming up sponsors (I'm one of them) and they're also trying their hands at a kickstarter-like social media route--which I'm trying to give a lil' boost.

So, with that in mind I'm giving away personalized books. Here's the deal:

Donate $15 - Get a personalized paperback of Songs of Willow Frost.
Donate $25 - Get Willow and Hotel, both personalized.
Donate $50 - Get both hardbacks, personalized.

It's 100% tax deductible, filled with karma, and I'll cover the shipping. If you donate, just put a mailing address in the message screen and voila!

And in case you're wondering, Karissa's the one in the middle. Pink shorts. Big smile!


Hello, Seattle. May I have this dance?

Tomorrow is the big day. Songs of Willow Frost (my sophomore novel, as interviewers like to call it) will officially be cast into the literary ether.

Here's the details on what's happening:

WHO: Me. I spent today signing stock at fifteen bookstores. I was shooting for seventeen (sorry Northgate and Lynnwood) but still broke my previous one-day record of twelve. Thank you Seattle for your abundance of fine bookeries.

WHAT: Today's nice interview in the Seattle Times will be followed up by a live online author chat on Tuesday at noon PST. If you're not too busy looking at Angry Cat memes, Pinterest recipes, or NFL fantasy football scores, you should join us.

WHERE: The SO FREAKIN' BIG IT'S WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS SONGS OF WILLOW FROST LAUNCH PARTY is at Town Hall Seattle. Tickets are going fast, so get there early. I'd love, love, love to see you there!

WHEN: Is the next event? Funny you should ask, because here's my tour schedule, including this salaciously titled event at Litquake called: Doubt, Debt, Drugs, and Determination. I need to do some drugs just to have something to talk about.

WHY: Is there a Songs of Willow Frost Walking Tour happening in the Chinatown International District and starting on November 9th? Because the folks at The Wing Luke Museum are really cool.

More tomorrow, but first. Zzzzzz...


July 4th. Because everyone should have fireworks on their wedding day

Wow, what a week! My assistant, Brittney, decided to get married with less than twenty-four hours notice. (No, she's not pregnant. Yes, she IS spontaneous. And...she's also our daughter. We have a lovely, complicated, calabash family. I'd need a flow chart to explain our crazy family tree, but it's wonderful).

The happy couple opted for July 4th which just happens to be my very favorite holiday of all holidays, so a pyrotechnic party was already in the works. Plus the irony of getting hitched on Independence Day—what's not to love?

Britt and Matt have a good friend who is also an ordained minister and he did a fantastic job with the nuptials. What kind of minister? I'm not sure but my kids call him Reverend Hippie, so that totally works for me.

A few days later, after sweeping up the tossed rice and firework debris, I celebrated my birthday by signing my name a bazillion times. Okay, actually it was only 11,500 times, but IT FELT LIKE A BAZILLION. The signatures were on tip-in cards which go to a book bindery and get stitched into copies of Songs of Willow Frost. So if you happen to walk into your local bookery and see a book bearing my name and a chop (Chinese stamp) just think of it as a birthday wish from my sore, swollen hand to your heart.

In other news, the book tour is lining up nicely, including a stop in Portland where I'll be one of the headliners for Wordstock. As always, more detail to come.