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The End Is Nigh

On sale now, until the end of the world.The first volume of the Apocalypse Triptych is now on sale, which includes my new story: This Unkempt World is Falling to Pieces.

And there’s a rave review of THE END IS NIGH over on Wired.com:

The End Is Nigh is very good. Of course it is. Adams and Howey are a two-man tour-de-force of post-apocalyptic lit. … Ultimately, the best thing about The End Is Nigh is how elegantly it balances on the thin line between beauty and devastation. There’s no story in the book that didn’t break my heart at least a little, and there’s none of the twenty-two that hasn’t stuck with me, hard. When the end is coming and the wolves are at the door, you hold tight to whatever’s at hand. [review]

I go steampunk and all hell breaks loose

In case you missed it, the end is near. In fact it's about two weeks away in the form of the Apocalypse Triptych, lovely end of the world tales collected into three volumes: THE END IS NIGH, THE END IS NOW, and THE END HAS COME.

These stories of Armageddon come from a pantheon of modern-day sci-fi masters: Nancy Kress, Paolo Bacigalupi, Hugh Howey, Seanan McGuire, John Joseph Adams, Jonathan Maberry, and one of my favorite writers of all time, the brilliant and humble Ken Liu, oh...and I'm in there as well with a story set in Seattle, circa 1910. 

Hope you enjoy this first anthologythis brave new end of the world.



Mrs. Beatty says, “harrumph”

I love bookstores. I love them. So to support fine bookstores everywhere, I’m giving away an exclusive short story to anyone who boldly ventures into their local bookery and pre-orders Songs of Willow Frost (or pre-orders online from an honest-to-goodness brick-and-mortar bookstore).

Just text me a pic of your receipt or order confirmation, or heck—just send me a photo of you smiling with your friendly neighborhood bookseller and I will be delighted to email you a copy of Middle, Lost, and Found, a 7,000-word tale featuring Mrs. Beatty from Hotel on the Corner of You Know What. (And if you include a mailing address I’ll also send along a signed bookplate).

You can text images and contact information to (951) 750-9419 or email your information to me at bookstoresmatter@gmail.com. Name, address, the usual…

Books are a physical record of the human condition. And people who maintain these records deserve our support. Though I’m somewhat biased because I met my lovely wife at the public library and later dropped to one knee and proposed in a bookstore. (You can’t do that on a CENSORED). 


( I’m speechless )


Wow. I feel like Carrie. All happy and excited but can’t quite believe it.

::: Looking for the bucket of pig-blood to drop on my head :::

Jason at Clarity of Night was kind enough to sponsor a flash fiction contest featuring his incredible imagery. I threw something together and well, I won. You can read more about it over at Jason’s…