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Tanzania Mission, leaving (sadly)

Our last day ended with a school-wide celebration, followed by a special dinner at the mission house.

Sorry for the absence of updates. No, I wasn't been eaten by meerkats nor have I "chucked it all," Apocalypse Now-style to go live in the jungle. Basically, the Gods of the Interwebs were unkind the past several days, which wasn't always a bad thing.

We're back in Dar es Salaam after twelve hours on the road (complete with crossing baboons). I'll post a multi-day recap once I'm back in the US, but for now I have to say that I'm experiencing the first pangs of what can best be described as "re-entry shock".

I'm just not ready for the world of Kardashians, infomercials, Botox, or $4 coffee. I miss the red dirt on my socks, greeting everyone we see (and having that greeting warmly returned), and I miss hearing little kids yell "tee-cha!"


Tanzania Mission, Day zzz...

It's been a week and we’re all so tired. Happy, but tired.

I worked in the CDC clinic today with Leesha, Madi, Haley, and Kassie. We pulled client records, refilled them, logged records, and measured, counted, and dispensed meds which we tucked into folded pieces of notebook paper in lieu of pill bottles. Lots of patients (100+) and then shelved and recorded all the meds we brought.

We also went with Edward to pay a visit to the widow of the young woman who died this week. It’s customary for everyone in the village to visit over many days, bringing small gifts of money, food, or firewood.

As far as work, everyone has his or her class assignments, plus Taylor is teaching music, Leesha is teaching the local med staff on the new med equipment we brought, and Madi was invited and visited the homes of four of the little girls she’s been playing with, which is a bit of an honor.

To end the day we met Edward at a “pub”…a cozy place in the heart of the village that serves beer, soda, and home brew, which we’ve been told to avoid. There are actually two pubs: the Quiet Pub for the old folks and the Noisy Pub for everyone else. A few of the kids tried light beer (called women’s beer) and watched DVDs of Muslim “coastal dance music” and Rhianna. On the way back Justin Bieber was playing on a battery-operated radio here in the heart of bush Tanzania proving that THERE IS NO ESCAPE!