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Instagram: It's not just for photos of your lunch anymore

Are you on Instagram? I love it, but I'm a firm believer that Instagram should be a window not a mirror, so you won't find a lot of selfies. But you will find what I'm up to when I'm not sitting behind a keyboard like I'm doing at this very moment. Here's a recent shot, taken this past Saturday in Glacier National Park.

My hiking buddy, Eric, minding the gap. A very LARGE and precarious gap.


A day (or two) in photos

At the Fourth of July parade with Leesha. No one mistook me for Charlie Sheen, despite the bowling shirt.Fireworks? Or did my golden retriever just spontaneously combust?Reenacting a scene from Lord of the Flies.Off to write at the library, where the parking is cheap and...atmospheric. Behold, the glamorous writing space of a bestselling author. The FedEx woman came bearing gifts from Poland, France, and Denmark.Went to a late showing of Super 8 with Kass. Screaming when I found out what the fake butter is made of.