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Barnes & Noble: Great Falls, MT

Hooray for hometown events! It was such a pleasure to do a book gig less than a mile from my doorstep. No suitcases. No airport security. And I got to sleep in my own bed with my own wife (wait, that didn't sound quite right).Plus more than a 150 people showed up and B&N nearly sold out the 170 books they had ordered.

But without a doubt, the heart smashingly-best thing of all was the appearance of a woman named Margaret who drove 127 miles from Browning, Montana, to attend the event. She waited patiently in line and then said, "Hi, I grew up in the Sacred Heart Orphanage in Seattle."

Margaret's local librarian knew her personal backstory, called her up and said, "You have to read this." (Go librarians!) So she drove for two hours on a very rainy night to share her own experiences of growing up as an orphan in Seattle. Margaret's story was...amazing. She should write a book. I'd buy it.