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My obsessive-compulsive disorder. (Does that period look funny to you?)

notobsessive.jpgI have a confession. I have mild OCD. I say mild because I know people who have full-blown, gale-force obsessive compulsive disorders and they’re nothing like me. These are people who completely pluck out their eyebrows during scary movies. Or wash their hands 30 times a day. I even have an Aunt with OCD who was picked up by the Oregon Highway Patrol for walking down I-5 naked––trying to stop cars with the power of God. (Actually, now that I think of it she was more schizophrenic, but it conjures a nice visual doesn’t it?)

Why am I telling you this? Because it’s a wonderful thing. There’s this obsessive zone that can be incredibly productive. Like being a manic-depressive, without that bitter depressive aftertaste. Sure it’s a little odd at times. How odd? Well, I always stop the microwave with two seconds left since it’s my favorite number. Is that so strange? And how do I treat it? I don’t. I indulge it through my work. It gives me something to obsess over.

And it’s not all bad. It’s alleged that sufferers are generally of above-average intelligence. (Bonus!) And famous figures who’ve been known to have OCD include Joey Ramone, Florence Nightingale, Howard Stern, Jessica Alba (Jessica Alba?) and everyone’s favorite Kleenex box-wearing billionaire Howard Hughes.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to spell-check this twenty times before posting.

What do you obsess about?