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Early Frost warning

Good news! The publishing gods have decided that you've waited long enough and have moved the release date of my second novel, SONGS OF WILLOW FROST up from January 2014 to September 10, 2013. Yes, THIS YEAR! Pre-Order, anyone?


Houston, we have a title

I've been told that once you bring a newborn home from the hospital, legally, you have ten days to name your baby. Well, my baby (previously and unceremoniously known as JAMIE'S 2nd FREAKIN' NOVEL) finally has a name—tentatively, after all the publishing world is weird and fickle and when it comes to book titles your mileage may vary. But for now we're going with SONGS OF WILLOW FROST. The release date should be January 2014. As long as the world doesn't end.


Excuse me, while I kiss the sky

The murals at Garfield totally rock. Or at least blow virtual kisses toward midtown Manhattan, in the direction of Random House, where my new book is well under way. Revisions done. Edits done. Now doing minor tweaks this week. Then I'll be staring wistfully out my window, feet up, sipping a cup of lychee tea, indulging in some full-contact daydreaming. (Have I mentioned how much I love being a writer?)

Best of all, I'm home for the holidays. No book travel for two months. I'm tempted to just burn my suitcase, but I might need it to catch a football game next month ;)

Speaking of travel, I just wrapped up a visit to Seattle's Garfield High, The Seattle 7's Holiday Book Fair, a keynote address at the convention center for the National Council for the Social Studies, and a library gig in Tacoma where I met a page with the most memorable name I've heard all year: Catalyst. Or Cate/Cat for short. Love that name. Much better than Osmosis or Photosynthesis.

In other news, I STILL don't have a title for the new book. GLORY OF MOURNING is out. Too sad, I think. SONGS OF WILLOW FROST is in the running. We'll see...

And I just sold Arabic translation rights to HOTEL. I'll have books in Hebrew and Arabic. Now if those two kids would just learn to share their toys...


39 sold-out performances, 26 amazing actors, 1 humbled author

Pardon me while a pause as the curtain falls on Book-It Theatre's run of Hotel on the Corner of You Know What. Kudos to Annie Lareau for directing her heart out and to the amazing cast. Not to mention lighting, set design, music, costuming, and dozens of crew and volunteers who made this happen. I could not be prouder of these guys.

In other news, the NEW BOOK still doesn't have a title but I'm allllmoooost done with edits. Look for a new hardback in January 2014. Sorry for the wait. And now I'm off to the Vegas Valley Book Festival.