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Does anyone know how to say, "Turn off your freakin' iPhone!" in Swahili?

9,400 miles later, we made it. To Dar es Salaam at least. The plane rides (all four) were actually quite manageable. The TSA staff even complimented us on how well-behaved our teenagers were when we went through security at which point Leesha and me looked at each other and exclaimed, "YES, the Benadryl worked!"

18 bags, including 10 packed with donated medical supplies.

 The SeaTac tribe, gathered round the "fire".

The plane to Amsterdam was like a tunnel of bad moviesWell, it's night, we're weary, and I can't find my UK power-plug adaptor so time to turn in. Now if I can just figure out this whole mosquito netting thing around my bed.

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