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Of small towns, and smaller airplanes

I walked in the door last night and the kids were watching The Wizard of Oz for the bazillionth time, scary flying-monkeys and all. (On a trivial note, that movie still terrifies me like Saw V never could).

Despite that creepy interlude, it was indeed, good to be home.

Yours truly, courtesy of a student in DuluthI spent part of last week in Duluth, Minnesota for a community read, including a visit to the armory where Buddy Holly played two nights before he died in that fateful plane crash, along with Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper.

(Duluth’s favorite son, Robert Zimmerman was in the audience that night back in 1959. Rob would become Bob, changing his last name to Dylan, but you probably know that already).

Ironically, two days later I was in Flagstaff for the Northern Arizona Book Festival, where I was offered a flight over the Grand Canyon, along with fellow authors Nancy Pickard and Carol Berg. There was an unsigned life-insurance policy sitting on my desk back home, what could possibly go wrong?

Actually, the flight was quite lovely, tiny plane and all.

Though meeting poets, Christopher Lane and Michael Collier, was just as memorable. If you’re in a book group, mix in a book of poetry. (I’d be happy to recommend a few).