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Evergreen Park Library: Chicago, IL

Talking about the passing of Tom Clancy at WGN.Ah, Chicago--you know you're a tough city when you have a stretch of freeway known as "The Strangler." Thankfully we had our dear friends, Luis and Cindy Urrea to guide us through the dense Chicago traffic to the Evergreen Park Library where I was able to share how I met my lovely wife at the public library. (It was downstairs, as part of writers group).

You never know what you'll find beneath your local library--AA meetings, people reading to their pets, policemen doing stun-gun demonstrations, future spouses--really, you don't know what you're missing.

Now I'm airborne again, heading to Portlandia for Wordstock. I'll be teaching a workshop in the morning, speaking at noon, and then on a panel about historical fiction late, late in the day. They're about to close the cabin door. Better sign off...