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California daydreaming

Today is a great day. I feel as though I’ve just mainlined a Xanax-enriched triple-latte, while watching a tropical sunset atop my unicorn. That great. I just found out that Harlan Ellison, after a 60-year career, has made the NYT Bestseller List (#6) for the graphic novel, Phoenix Without Ashes. Plus, after years of trying to shed the label,  “Science Fiction Author” (Magical Realism is a better descriptor, but one that wasn't common in the 60s and 70s), Harlan will be inducted into the SF Hall Of Fame in June. Kudos, Harlan. Not a bad third act.

In other news, I’m typing this from Sonoma, the heart of California’s wine country, which unfortunately, I do not drink due to its deleritous effect on my blood sugar. When they’re able to ferment a Riesling using Splenda, let me know. I’m in town for events in Santa Rosa, Lodi, and then up to Woodland tomorrow.

But, I also flew into this neck of the Redwoods to interview one Jimmie Matsuda. Though Jimmie was born in the US, his family moved back to Japan in 1938, when he was 13 years old.  Four years later he was conscripted into the Japanese Navy and trained as a Tokkotai—a kamikaze pilot. Jimmie’s story is eerily similar to the character in my new book—so meeting Jimmie was a must. A tremendous thanks to Tom Ikeda, at Densho, for putting me in touch with him.

Oh, and for all the aspiring writers out there struggling with query letters, here’s my agent, Kristin Nelson, with a few helpful tips.