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Spring Break. Because "MTV's Vernal Equinox" sounds funny

It’s Spring Break and I feel like an embedded journalist in a free-fire zone. In fact I think I just heard someone yell, “Safeties off! Let’s light ‘em up!!”

That’s what it’s like in a house full of teenagers. I’m the Warden of the North and the White Walkers have breached the wall, people—run for your very lives!

In all honesty, they’re wonderful young adults and they bring me such joy, but a worrisome (and prescient) part of my brain is looking toward the coming months and wondering if the shed in my backyard might not become my summer office.

I heard that Piers Anthony likes to write at a desk set amid a pasture behind his house. He must have kids.

Speaking of writing, I’m trying to figure out the next project.


I’m torn between:


A historical/multi-cultural/romantic tragedy set in Hollywood in the 30s. I pitched this one to my agent and she likes it. This is the one I’ve been researching for a while.


A young adult book (possible series) that’s been on the backburner. I wrote 150 pages two summers ago, in-between HOTEL and WHISPERS. I’d be starting with page 1 again, but that’s okay.


A fantasy novel set in a reimagined Chinatown. I’ve spent weeks world-building this one. It’s haunting me…


If only I had the minions of James Patterson to write the bloody things for me.