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'Tis the season for holiday books

Hmmm...seeing as how I just personalized a ginormous stack of books that lovely readers had sent in for holiday gifts, it's only fitting that I let THE GREAT BIG WORLD KNOW, that--yes, I'm always happy to personalize books for whatever occasion. Christmas? YES! Hanukkah? INDEED! Feast of Elvis? WHY NOT? Bring it on!

So if you'd like to buy personalized books for the readers on your holiday shopping lists, please email my studious assistant, taskmaster, and all around majordomo: brittany@jamieford.com. She'll make it happen.

Also, if you're in the Seattle area you should check out the Seattle 7 Writers' Annual Holiday Bookfest at the Phinney Neighborhood Center on November 22. Twenty-eight authors, all in one place, with a portion of their book sales going to 826 Seattle.

Happy holidays. Be good. Santa and the NSA are watching.


July 4th. Because everyone should have fireworks on their wedding day

Wow, what a week! My assistant, Brittney, decided to get married with less than twenty-four hours notice. (No, she's not pregnant. Yes, she IS spontaneous. And...she's also our daughter. We have a lovely, complicated, calabash family. I'd need a flow chart to explain our crazy family tree, but it's wonderful).

The happy couple opted for July 4th which just happens to be my very favorite holiday of all holidays, so a pyrotechnic party was already in the works. Plus the irony of getting hitched on Independence Day—what's not to love?

Britt and Matt have a good friend who is also an ordained minister and he did a fantastic job with the nuptials. What kind of minister? I'm not sure but my kids call him Reverend Hippie, so that totally works for me.

A few days later, after sweeping up the tossed rice and firework debris, I celebrated my birthday by signing my name a bazillion times. Okay, actually it was only 11,500 times, but IT FELT LIKE A BAZILLION. The signatures were on tip-in cards which go to a book bindery and get stitched into copies of Songs of Willow Frost. So if you happen to walk into your local bookery and see a book bearing my name and a chop (Chinese stamp) just think of it as a birthday wish from my sore, swollen hand to your heart.

In other news, the book tour is lining up nicely, including a stop in Portland where I'll be one of the headliners for Wordstock. As always, more detail to come. 


Give a little bit

The bad news: some felonious jerks broke into the local Boys & Girls Club, stole everything that wasn't nailed down (game systems, food, cash) and trashed the place. The good news: I'm sure by the time you read this, kindly folks in our community will have volunteered their time to clean and rebuild, and donations will be rolling in. I'll be delivering books, manga, and an Xbox on Wednesday.

Bad moments bring out the best in people. With that in mind, this is a great video. Enjoy. And Merry Christmas, happy holidays, peace, joy and love to you and yours.


Excuse me, while I kiss the sky

The murals at Garfield totally rock. Or at least blow virtual kisses toward midtown Manhattan, in the direction of Random House, where my new book is well under way. Revisions done. Edits done. Now doing minor tweaks this week. Then I'll be staring wistfully out my window, feet up, sipping a cup of lychee tea, indulging in some full-contact daydreaming. (Have I mentioned how much I love being a writer?)

Best of all, I'm home for the holidays. No book travel for two months. I'm tempted to just burn my suitcase, but I might need it to catch a football game next month ;)

Speaking of travel, I just wrapped up a visit to Seattle's Garfield High, The Seattle 7's Holiday Book Fair, a keynote address at the convention center for the National Council for the Social Studies, and a library gig in Tacoma where I met a page with the most memorable name I've heard all year: Catalyst. Or Cate/Cat for short. Love that name. Much better than Osmosis or Photosynthesis.

In other news, I STILL don't have a title for the new book. GLORY OF MOURNING is out. Too sad, I think. SONGS OF WILLOW FROST is in the running. We'll see...

And I just sold Arabic translation rights to HOTEL. I'll have books in Hebrew and Arabic. Now if those two kids would just learn to share their toys...