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The sun is shining, break out the lawn darts

It’s amazing what the sun can do to people in Montana. My son woke up, saw that glowing orb in the sky and decided to wear shorts to school. And I let him, despite it being 38° outside. I know—I’m a terrible parent. (Don’t worry. I made him put pants in his backpack for recess).

If my judgment is lacking, it’s due to that euphoric feeling I get having just sent the copy edited manuscript of WHISPERS/SONGS back to my editor. That, and as Taylor pointed out, it’s National Pot Smoking Day, which also happens to be National Eat a Bag of Doritos and an Entire Box of Twinkies Day.

And lest I get a contact high and forget:

Here’s a recent interview at Seattle Wrote (in which I actually talk about the new book).

HOTEL, which hits the UK on May 9, made the short-list of Amazon’s Rising Stars—where reviews count as votes.

My friend and fellow literary bootcamper, Jose Mojica, has a (free) young adult book available (for free). Kassie inhaled this book and loved it. Did I mention it’s free?

And if you’re near Eugene, Oregon (where Haley will probably end up going to school), the DisOrient Film Fest is at the Bijou this month. Here's an endearing and thought-provoking trailer for One Big Hapa Family by filmmaker Jeff Chiba Stearns.

I’m off to write a new short story. Wish me luck.