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2013 Goodreads Choice Awards

Wow, Songs of Willow Frost somehow made it to the second round of the 2013 Goodreads Choice Awards in the categroy of historical fiction. I'm delightfully astonished (and honored) because Willow wasn't even on the first ballot. Readers must have voted for Willow as a write-in candidate...so voila, your voice has been heard!

Now we're onto the second round, so if you're so inclined to vote again, please do. Thanks for all the book love. And remember, no wagering.


A tale of two seniors

I'm burdened blessed with a houseful of crazed teenagers, but this school year is doubly special as I have not one, but TWO intrepid kids entering their senior years. Twice the fun. Twice the college tuition!

Actually this moment is bittersweet because when they head off into the great blue yonder of university life I'm certain I will miss them terribly, as evidenced by the joyous hysteria I feel whenever my oldest daughter, Haley, returns from college.

Here are a few senior photos by Phil Procopio. One breaks hearts, the other breaks guitars strings.



On book-related news, many of you received a notification about Songs of Willow Frost via GoodReads. If so, please friend me. That's me online, not an assistant, not a publicist, but your truly and I'd love to hear from you. Yes, you.

And I'm also one of the featured authors on Google+ if that's your thing for all things social media. In fact, I'll be doing a live hangout on Google+ during Banned Books Week, with several author friends and a moderator from Writer's Digest. I'll post more details as they become available. It should be a hoot and a half.

That's all. I now return you to your previously scheduled online procrastinations.


The countdown begins

Yikes. The debut of Willow Frost is lurking just out of sight, like a helicopter parent on the first day of preschool. We're less than two weeks away now and the reviews are starting to roll in. Here's a brief inclusion of Songs of Willow Frost in a list of six must-read books according to the Seattle Times.


If you don't I will show up on your doorstep and sing bad karaoke until you do.


The view from here

The countdown begins. It's officially T-35 days until Songs of Willow You Know What arrives in stores. I'm busy researching (new book), editing (short story), running (eight miles!), and going AFK once in a while (AFK means: Away From Keyboard) in anticipation of my upcoming book travels which will be a whirlwind of airports, rental cars, hotels, bookstores, libraries, and the occasional concert hall.

In related news, Willow was chosen as an Indie Next List pick for September, and was also highlighted in August's Goodreads.com newsletter which went out to twenty million readers. No going back now.

Between edits I managed to get out and climb Mt. Henkel, which was akin to climbing the stairs of three-and-a-half Empire State Buildings. Misery loves company, so bring a friend.