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That awkward moment when your dog becomes more famous than you

Random House produced a lovely walking-tour video of all the locations featured in Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and after five years on YouTube it's up to 28,000+ views. Not bad.

But then about a week ago I strapped a GoPro camera onto my dog, Dexter, and posted the results, and a week later he's tipping the viral scales at 39,374 views! And when I found my inbox on YouTube (yes, there's actually an inbox tucked away and very hard to find), there were "URGENT TIME-SENSITIVE" emails from producers with Good Morning America and ABC Evening News with Diane Sawyer.

Sad sidebar moment: When producers for ABC's Diane Sawyer are calling about a video of my dog you know the 24-hour news cycle has watered down the meaning of "news."

We even did a quick interview with the NY Daily News.

The next thing I knew, viral media companies were calling to sign my dog--basically a licensing agreement allowing them to pitch the video to other media outlets in the hopes of going "super viral." Who knew this strange world existed? Not I. But...Dexter did sign with Jukin Media. And I've updated my YouTube page to an actual channel.

So for all of the views, Dexter says, "thank you". He also says, "woof."