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The beautiful madness of social media

(If yesterday's post got you riled up, imagine my reaction when someone within the film industry said that my commentary was total BS and that I was ill-informed. Um...to that kindly gentleman, all I can say is that my quote was V-E-R-B-A-T-I-M. Not sure how much room there was for misinterpretation?)

But, that's the beauty and interactivity of social media, which I love. Probably because I was using it when the online world was more like anti-social media--back in the days of BBS's, Prodigy, Compuserve, AOL, and now Facebook (I completely skipped MySpace because the interface was like a huge quantum leap backwards).

Which leads me to Google+, which was the new hotness last year for all of month. I have 129,089 followers on Google+ as of this posting. That's about 127,000 follower more than I have on Facebook, but my friends/fans/followers on Facebook actually interact with me. Whereas on Google+ I mainly hear the sound of crickets chirping. Which begs the question, who are these "social" followers on Google+?

I'm guessing they're click-farmers, employed by Google in some bizarre fashion to make Google+ seem--what's the word I'm looking for? Alive? Useful? Relevant?

And then on the other side of the ledger we have the official, validated pages of celebrities (like on Twitter) which are undoubtedly run by publicists. So here you have fake people tweeting to fake followers. Which has a zenlike irony about it.

So despite the vagaries of the web (and occasional heckler), I must say that I'm grateful for real people. Even the ones who are occasionally surprised that it's really me.