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It's a good life, Sadie Dog

This has been a wonderful month but also a sad month as we had to say goodbye to Sadie, our beloved Golden Retriever.

To get a sense of the complexity of emotions involved, picture The Fault In Our Stars with me in the role of Hazel and Sadie in the role of Gus. Or as Sadie would say, "My thoughts are bones and I cannot fathom where I've buried them."

To us, Sadie was the quintessential shelter dog with a heart of gold. We had her fourteen years, from her youth, when she'd steal entire pizzas off the kitchen counter (and once licked out a whole pumpkin pie, still warm) to her latter years when I had to build a handicap ramp so she could more easily get to the backyard and she didn't mind the fireworks on the Fourth of July, because she couldn't hear them.

She was somewhere between sixteen and eighteen years of age, we're not sure. But either way, that's a gloriously long life for a dog, surrounded by a houseful of kids who showered her with affection. Even my oldest daughter, Haley, who once took Sadie to show-and-tell in the 2nd grade, had to come home from college to say goodbye.

What else can I say? I've always, shamelessly been a dog person, from when I was a toddler and got a puppy for Christmas (a boy dog named Sue--you're welcome, Johnny Cash fans) to adulthood. I remember that for years, whenever I was asked in job interviews, "What are your career goals?" my answer would always be, "To someday be able to bring my dog to work every day."

Eventually I landed that job. And I'm so grateful Sadie was that dog.


Operation: DEXTER

Lately our intrepid dog, Dexter, also known as "The World's Best Shelter Dog of All Time" has been pulling a Houdini and somehow sneaking out of the backyard. So, to figure out his tricks I hooked him up with a GoPro camera. This is what we discovered this week. (No animals or mailmen were injured in the making of this video).


And on a non-canine note, I'll be in Seattle next week for World Boook Night US and giving away books on the corner of Bitter and Sweet, otherwise known as 6th and Main (at the Panama Hotel). More on that this weekend.


All work and no play

Busy day around here. Maybe my dog, Asia, can keep you occupied while I write.

Abide with me 'tis Eastertide

Asia, hoping the Easter Bunny will bring her a hambone.My wife is a bonafied genius.

Sure she was a biology major and a math wiz, and yeah, she spent last night delivering babies. But the real breakthrough was her giant Easter basket for the kids that included water-balloon launchers. Instead of dosing our teens with candy until they're couch-bound in chocolate narcosis (which I would have done) they actually spent much of the day outside, playing. No Facebook. No texting. Play-ing. Twas a sight to behold.

My apologies to our neighbors, unlucky joggers, and stray dogs in the area. We'll clean up our carnage in the morning. I promise.

And how was your weekend?