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How old is too old? Put on your bifocals and read this.

Dick "Methuselah" Clark celebrates his 138th birthday
In my twenties I dabbled at writing. Dabbled the way Star Jones dabbled at dieting. I gave myself plenty of time. I’d get to it later, after all––I was young right? I thought, "Robert Heinlein didn’t get a book published until he was thirty-something. And that’s old".

Now I’m thirty-something. 37 to be precise.

The age you actually begin to think about what a gastroenterologist really does. You look at the cholesterol count as if it might matter soon. You wish you’d flossed more in your wild younger years.

So it got me thinking. Am I too old? Has the train of relevance left the station for good? Just look at Christopher Paolini. The guy is basically a fetus with shoes, signing a multi-book deal before his first bout of acne.

But then I remember my hero. Norman Maclean. The man publishes his first book, A River Runs Through It at seventy-freakin’-four year’s old. There’s hope for us all! Because for every Rossini, who wrote The Barber of Seville at 23, there’s Verdi—who wrote Othello at 74 and Falstaff at 80. And for every Dorothy Straight, who was 4 when she wrote How the World Began, there’s Sarah Louise Delaney, the oldest published author whose second book was released when she was 105.

It was titled A Century of Great Sex. Ok, not really, but it was still a big deal.