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Admit it, you've read The Da Vinci Code too


I’ve heard The Da Vinci Code described as the "Giant Vortex of Suck". And that comment is edited. Yes, I read it. I enjoyed it. In the same way I enjoy Three’s Company reruns. But that’s another story.

Today author Dan Brown appeared in court to face his literary accusers. This is old news. Other authors have claimed Dan Brown stole their ideas. Or at least left them uncredited for their concepts. I guess when you sell 40 million books you become a pretty big target. From the critics. From other authors. Heck, even from the Catholic Church. (Imagine that guilt).

But will it hurt his book sales? Even if he settled? Probably not I'm afraid. We're about to be carpet-bombed with paperbacks of TDC. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. The only thing that can stop this juggernaut is that faux mullet-thing Tom Hanks is sporting in the film version. What’s up with that?