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Come Un Fiore Ribelle

Photographing the ghosts of Canton Alley at the Wing Luke

It's been a week of Fiore Ribelles--rebel flowers.

Just when I thought I was done with airports and luggage for a while I had one more stop in Seattle at the Wing Luke Museum, bookended by tea at the Panama Hotel with friend and rebel author, Nicole Hardy (where we saw Amanda Knox. Guilty or innocent, she's a sad player in a modern tragedy).

Then it was lunch with my brother and his family, a new photo shoot, and finally dinner with the 2nd Tuesday Book Club at one of my favorite restaurants of all time, Phnom Pehn (Cambodian cuisine).

And now I'm off again, this time to BookCity Milano to promote Come Un Fiore Ribelle, or Like a Rebel Flower.

A few book events al Italia, then I'll be catching a train to Rome where I'm meeting Leesha and the kids for a much needed break with the familia. I've been traveling so much I'm afraid they're going to start calling me "Uncle Daddy." (YES, I miss you too!)


Speaking of familia (that's the name of a women's health organization in Africa), Leesha (my own rebel flower) just got back from Tanzania where she helped deliver a set of twins...one of them now named "Lisha."

This was her second trip this year and this time she traveled with another nurse to some of the more impoverished villages outside of Pommern and spent time with hundreds of oprhans, many with HIV, and very malnourished. She haggled in Swahili for 129 pairs of shoes, bought chickens (for eggs) so the children can add a bit of protien to a diet made up almost entirely of corn mash (ugali), and rice.


Yikes. Look at the time. Gotta plane to catch. Ciao.


Like A Rebel Flower

Oh, the many splendid things about foreign editions: the different shapes, sizes, titles, and covers. This is the Italian edition of Songs of Willow You Know What, retitled as Come Un Fiore Ribelle, or Like a Rebel Flower. Available October 10.

Bravissimo to my wonderful team at Garzanti!