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In search of Henry & Keiko

Book-It Theatre's production in 2012. Director, Annie Lareau, front row, second from the right.I'm breaking my blog vow of silence (while I'm writing, and YES, the new book will melt your heart into a puddle) to announce some wonderful news: a theatre outside of Sacramento is casting Hotel on the Corner of You Know What as we speak! They're looking for Henry, Keiko, Sheldon, Mrs. Beatty, even Henry's father, plus extras galore.

Annie Lareau, who adapted and directed HOTEL for Book-It Theatre's 39 sold-out shows is doing it again, this time at CATS, the Community Asian Theatre of the Sierra, a wonderful venue with a rich history.

This makes my heart happy in so many ways. Especially with the current yellowface production of The Mikado that's running in Seattle right now. Proof that we're not quite living in a post-racial world. Ah, but I digress...

Henry & Keiko are coming back to the stage. THIS IS BIG NEWS! So spread the word!

And get your tickets early. I'll see you on opening night.