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I'll take BOOK TITLES for $800, Alex

"Sweet you fools...sweeeeeeeeet!"I never thought I'd hear Alex Trebek say my name. Not even as a contestant. So how surreal it was to have my phone and Twitter accounts blowing up with, "Did you know you're a Jeopardy! question?" Or, "You know you've made it, when you're on Jeopardy!"

Keep in mind, I was getting these messages while sitting in TIRE RAMA, waiting for an alignment, reading US Magazine from 1997 (Kate Winslett talks Titanic), and avoiding a scary vat of coffee that is probably used to degrease engine parts at the end of each week.

Made it, indeed.

The "Ohhh, so close" moment was that my good friend, +EricHeidle (Yes, we're all on Google+ now, why aren't you?) was in the contestant pool. There's a sub-culture of Jeopardy! contestants that run a gauntlet of pre-show qualifications and Eric has been awaiting his call to The Show.

Also, another friend and fellow author, Boyd Morrison, is a former Jeopardy! Grand Champion. How'd you like to add that to your resume?

The inevitable follow-up question to all of this is, "Did they get the question right?" No, there were blank stares all around as Alex said, "Sweet" and gave them his patented, "You dummies!" look of pity and condescension.