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Tattered Cover: Denver, CO

Near the Denver airport. In case of a water landing your Range Rover can be used as a floatation device.The Denver stop of the Willow Frost Tour was wetter than expected as seven inches of rain fell overnight on the Mile High City of No Storm Drains.

My signing in Boulder and radio interview both had to be cancelled, but we pressed on with the evening book event.

And despite the National Weather Service urging residents to stay inside, 30+ hardy storm-troopers showed up for the taping of my podcast for Authors on Tour LIVE, and some even joined us for an after party hosted by my agent, Kristen Nelson, at a nearby Irish pub (where I drank wine instead of beer, which I think is a crime in certain circles).

Now I'm heading home for the weekend and sending warm, dry, safe thoughts to the folks in Boulder and surrounding areas.

But then it's full speed ahead on Monday as I fly to LA for a gig at Vroman's on Tuesday, then San Diego, and then Dallas, where perhaps I'll run into a tornado or a plauge of locusts.


Auntie's Bookstore: Spokane, WA

Had a great time in Spoke-a-loo last night with a packed house of 200+ people.

But before the BIG event we had a little gathering, courtesy of Auntie's, as four readers were pre-selected at random for an author get-together at a nearby wine bar.

So imagine my surprise when I walk in and see that poet Mike Foster was one of the lucky four.

Mike used to live in Montana and just happened to be at the bookstore the night that I proposed to Leesha.

Plus another one of the four was Debbie T. of the 2nd Tuesday Book Club who had previously given me the most amazing homemade rice crackers (mochi crunch, or arare, in Japanese). And she brought MORE.

Now I'm off to Denver (where it's flooding) and the Tattered Cover Bookstore. Should I mention that my book can be used in an emergency as a floatation device?


Town Hall Seattle: Seattle, WA

The Willow Frost Tour is off to a flying start. My heartfelt thanks to the fans, friends, and family members who came out in support--from the special guests for the pre-event, to the 500+ in the Great Hall who indulged me while I read for an extra-long time (I normally read very little, but just couldn't stop!)

Time to fold up the circus tents and head to Auntie's Books in Spokane. Fare thee well Seattle, I'll be back November 9 for another gig at The Wing Luke Museum and for the first Willow Frost Walking Tour through the International District.

Wear comfortable shoes.


What's in a name?

It's almost tour time and I'm literally counting the days (okay, my iPhone app is).

And my wonderful and illustrious (and borderline masochistic) publicist is still adding events, pre-events, post-events. I suppose a post-pre event would be the actual event, but I digress...

What I'm getting around to is that the WILLOW FROST TOUR calendar has officially been posted, tickets are selling briskly for the launch event at Town Hall Seattle, and Willow is in the green room waiting for her call to the stage. The butterflies are only soothed by the kind words of one of my favorite authors:

“Ford is a first-rate novelist whose bestselling debut, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, was a joy to read. With his new book, he takes a great leap forward and demonstrates the uncanny ability to move me to tears.”—Pat Conroy, author of South of Broad

Pat's one of my literary heroes. His praise almost moves me to tears.