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A day in the life of BookExpo

Talking Harlan Ellison and reading Christmas stories at Google. Just another weird, surreal, day in the life. Wow, so this is what BookExpo is all about? I get it. It's huge. It's crazy. It's...busy. Here's a tick-tock of the last 24 hours:

Weds 6:00 PM - Drinks with my Über-agent Kristin (NLA) and my film Über film-agent Kassie Evashevski (UTA) in a cozy bistro where the background noise was akin to a 747 taking off in a thunderstorm while carrying a cargo of loose trash can lids.

Weds 7:30 PM - Dinner at Grand Central Station with the fine folks from Random House (where, oddly enough, the decibel level was quite peaceful).

Weds 11:00 PM - Dessert with Leesha at some Scottish Pub. Butterscotch ice-cream sandwiches made with shortbread. Dee-lish.

Thurs 7:30 AM - Librarian breakfast at Random House with fellow authors: Jo Baker, Elizabeth Silver, Janice Clark, and Marisha Pessl. Very lively crowd for so early in the morning. Maybe it was all the video cameras?

Thurs 10:00 to Noon - Wandering BEA's exhibitor floor. Catching up with authors Nancy Horan, Sara J. Henry, and book club cheerleader Marsha Toy Engstrom. Gawked at Chelsea Handler. Searched in vain for Kareem Abdul Jabbar. You'd think a 7' 2" fellow would be easier to find in a crowd.

Thurs 12:30 to 3:00 PM - ABA Bookselling Luncheon and Awards Ceremony. Hung out with some cool indie booksellers. *Waving to Barbara from Missoula* Delighted that Richard Russo was there. Sad that John Green wasn't. His wife was having a baby. Oh sure, that old excuse.

Thurs 4:30 to 5:30 PM - Video shoot at the Google offices for GooglePlay. We played "Two Truths and a Lie." And I also read Twas the Night Before Christmas in its entirety. Believe it or not, that's not the weirdest thing I've been asked to do on camera (get your mind out of the gutter).

6:00 PM - Back to the hotel where I conked out and completely missed an industry party hosted by Workman Publishing. I woke up, ate a slice of NY pizza, watched the Colbert Report, and hastily hit the blog highway.

But enough about me, how was your day, dear?


BookExpo, it's like Comic-Con but with fewer Princess Leias in metal bikinis

Princess Leia convention or Las Vegas librarians?I'm heading to NYC next week where I'll be tossed about that sea of humanity known as BookExpo America (BEA). I've never been, though I've attended the San Diego Comic-Con and the Frankfurt Buche Messe, so I'm envisioning this as somewhere in-between.

What will I be doing there or thereabouts? Let's see, I'll be mingling at a couple of swanky industry cocktail parties where I'm hoping to bump into the reviewer for Publishers Weekly who panned HOTEL. (I'm not mad, just curious—what's the penalty for misdemeanor assault in New York City?)

I'll also be at Random House for a Library Journal Breakfast, back at the Javits Center for an ABA Bookseller Luncheon, doing some interview-type stuff for Google and BookPage, and last but certainly not least, I'll be at the Random House booth (#2739) on Friday at 10:00 AM where I'll be (wait for it...) signing and giving away 200 advance reader copies of SONGS OF WILLOW FROST.

See you soon.


Taking the plunge

There's nothing quite like cracking off the mental rust and having that first productive day of a new book. Granted, there are invariably a host of dead-ends, pitfalls, and blind curves ahead of me, but it feels good to insert the key into the ol' creative ignition, give it a turn and hear (with relief) a humming engine.

With WILLOW FROST waiting in the wings, I've jumped from research to actual writing on my currently untitled book #3. I can't say much at this point, just that it's another Seattle tale—I thought I'd do at least three before venturing elsewhere. This novel is set between 1909 and 1959. And it's another emotional roller coaster, a bit of a noble romantic tragedy if you will. Hopefully I'll find some moments of redemption.

In other news, foreign rights to SONGS OF WILLOW FROST have been sold in Italy, Norway, Germany, Brazil, France, Australia/New Zealand, and the UK (which will also release the book on September 10).

And I'll be at Book Expo America in NYC at the end of the month, along with 499 other authors on autograph row. But, if you're near the Big Apple and would like to get your hands on an Advance Reader's Copy of WILLOW, here's your chance.

Peace, everyone.