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Looking forward to a blissfully boring weekend (for a change)

I missed a book event this week, something I had not done in 100+ scheduled appearances. It was a library gig not far from my home, and yes, it was a balmy -19° outside, but that wouldn’t stop me. What stopped me was being in the hospital with Leesha when a fairly routine surgery went a little (okay a lot) wonky.

Everyone is A-OK now, and I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say I watch far too much House for my own good. When someone at the hospital said, “We’re going to run a CT-scan to rule out a pulmonary embolism,” my heart skipped a beat. Fortunately, the scan was clear and now there’s a chair in room 707 with my footprints on the fabric from me doing a happy-dance upon hearing such good news.


In other, non-surgical areas of my life, Albania has picked up rights to HOTEL, while nice offers on the new book have come in from publishers in Norway, Australia/New Zealand, and Italy. Fears that I might be a one-trick pony have abated and carefully replaced with writerly insecurities that I might now be a two-trick pony.

Also, for those that care about such things, my eBook sales have gone crazy as of late—apparently with little ill-effect on actual book sales. If fact my good ol’ fashioned analog sales have gone up as well. Strange days, indeed.

And in other news—actual news. Ron from Amelia Island sent this photo from our adventures with early morning interviews in Jacksonville. It's hard to speak intelligently so early in the AM. I faked it as best I could.

Okay, I’m off to make blueberry pancakes.