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Performance anxiety, and a strange coincidence

Performance.gifWell, I've written to the exclusion of all else over this three-day weekend (my thanks to George and Abe) and now I'm this close to finishing the 2nd draft of Surefire––only about 13 pages left. Add a tidy little epilogue that's been kicking around my brain and I can set it aside for a while. But. I just. Can't. Seem. To get it done. I'm dragging my feet. Finding other things to do instead. And I know what it is. It's performance anxiety. Because after this draft it's critique time. But, I've got eight hours left before my self-imposed deadline. Tick-tock tick-tock. My, look at all those dishes, and I really should clean the garage...

Also, for those who were wondering, here's a rough (very rough) pitch synopsis:

Surefire is a bittersweet fable about Edwin Gee, a recently fired news reporter who has the worst and best days of his life back to back. First, he signs his terminally-ill mother into hospice care then wins the largest lottery in U.S. history the next day. In a leap beyond faith, and with the urging of his uncle––a degenerate gambler, who also happens to be dead––he skips town and heads to Vegas to blow it all in one weekend, hoping to fulfil a promise he made long ago.

Okay, I’m still working on it, but that’s the gist. Now here’s the weird coincidence. My protagonist wins the largest Powerball in history--$365 million and skips town leaving the press to wonder his whereabouts and motives. So strange chills went up my spine when I read this headline on today's AP wire: Powerball Jackpot Winner Remains Unknown.

Damn spooky.