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New book cover, so shiny and chrome

I loved the blue cover, but somehow I love this version even more. Bravo to the fine folks at Penguin Random House for always making me look better than I am. Oh, and before I forget, if you're in the US there are a few more days to enter this Goodreads giveaway where they're giving away 75 advance copies of my new book. Good luck!


Are you a professional reader?

While my new book doesn't come out until September, if you're a blogger, reviewer, or professional reader--you can download a copy from NetGalley. In related news, I want to be a professional reader! 


The authorly equivalent of a soon-to-be parent showing that first ultrasound.

It's a book! Due date, September 12. And you can win an advance copy at Goodreads.


A glimpse of Love and Other Consolation Prizes

I posted a preview of the new book cover to my Instagram "story," for those inclined. 
It'll be up at @jamiefordofficial for the next 23 hours, 47 minutes...