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Beyonre genre.

postercopy.jpgMy buddy Andrew Tyer wrote a humorous white-trash crime novel. And while he’s not yet published, his adventures in rejection have been enlightening. (Thanks Andy.) His book was well settled in the crime genre, with some good ol' Southern cooking added. So now that I’m trying to rewrite Surefire to get it ready for the firing squad, Andy’s words of counsel to me were "make sure you’re sending it to the right agents that represent your genre".

Which of course begs the question, what the heck is my genre? And is it okay to mix genres completely?

I’ll be honest, I don’t have one. So, riddle me this Batman. Am I hurting my marketability by not writing in a specific genre? With the success of "in-between" books like The Dogs of Babel and Sideways, I tend to think the answer is no. But what about finding an agent? If my work isn’t obviously an ADVENTURE, MYSTERY or URBAN FANTASY, is it DOA?


Of all the Hasidic reggae rappers, this guy is my fav.

382x174.jpgSeriously, if you haven't heard of Matisyahu, step away from the writing blog and catch him on David Letterman next week. His music is an incredible combination of Bob Marley and Shlomo Carlebach. Still, as much as I love this guy, I can't stop thinking of The Jazz Singer. (The one with "I'll smack you in the mouth, I'm Neil Diamond!"). And the way this guy is blowing up, there must be a Laurence Olivier character back home tearing his shirt and rolling in ash and sackcloth.
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