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Hell reports freezing overnight temperatures.

Victory.jpg.jpgI know I'm supposed to be here working on the rewrite, but first things first. THE SEAHAWKS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL, BABY!

It was a sight to behold. From the painted faces and shaved heads, to the guy in the gorilla suit and the dead-on Jimmy Hendrix impersonator. Even the panhandlers and crackheads in Pioneer Square were decked out in Seahawk regalia.

We watched the game from across the street at a jam-packed FX McRory's, then snuck into Qwest Field just in time to see the fireworks go off and the shimmering confetti rain down as the awards presentation unfolded. We even went down to the field to mug the cameras with the rest of the yahoos behind the Fox Sports desk with Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson and crew. (Wow, these guys wear more make-up for the cameras than Tammy Faye).

Afterwards I did a fan interview on KPLU Radio then we hit Chinatown for some late-night dum sum. I ended the night with a fistful of Cohibas. Too bad I don't smoke. Anyone want a nice Cuban stogie?

As we were looking for tickets before the game. there was a guy holding up a sign that read "My soul for a ticket". I think he got his money's worth. 


Rewrite in Seattle

SeaTraffic.jpgI'm off to Seattle to catch the Seahawks and work on the rewrite. In case you've never been to the Emerald City, the password at the border is "I'll have a tall, skinny, iced half-caf caramel macchiato with fat-free whip."


A threesome every creative person fantasizes about


1) Doing cool work

2) Having fun

3) Making money

Any two in combination, and I can be somewhat happy. The goal of course is the magic trifecta. While avoiding the rut of one by itself where life is truly a miserable experience. In my advertising career, I get 2 and 3 consistently and sometimes more. (The problem with it also being a creative field is that I get to stay up late, like tonight putting a campaign to bed). On the writing side of life, I'm in the 1-2 combo. I'm digging the work, and having a great time. The filthy lucre will come later.

Where are you in your writing career? (Or your other job for that matter).


Rewrite, or extreme makeover?

Just a few revisions for marketability.
A friend near Seattle is letting me crash at his place next week. (Thanks Kyle). And aside from spending Sunday trying to run down a scalper for tickets to the Seahawks’ game, I’ll be rewriting my first draft the whole time.

The question is, will it be an edit, or complete overhaul? I’ve tried not to think about it since I tucked it away last month. But my hunch is that it will be more open-heart surgery than wart removal.

So, for those who’ve plowed this field before, what do you end up doing? Is your draft so tight that you only need to give it a spit-shine? Or are you throwing out huge chunks wholesale and changing the fate and focus of major characters?