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Speaking in Public vs. Rectal Exams


Okay, here’s your choice:

A) Giving a speech in a crowded room
B) Getting a rectal exam

A friend of mine confessed that he’d rather go with the rubber glove treatment. How ‘bout you? Does the thought of speaking to a roomful of strangers make you want to sing your lunch?

I’m one of those sick people that actually enjoys speaking in public––probably because I dreaded it so much as a kid. But I’ve had to do it so much over the years, either pitching clients, or doing press conferences at work, that it just seems normal now.

Which got me wondering. Do you think being an introverted person hurts the marketing of your work? Does being an extrovert help?

(And if your answer was C. All of the above--giving a speech in a crowded room while simultaneously getting a rectal exam, you have my deepest sympathies).


Rewriting: Step Three--brought to you by NyQuil

I made it home from Seattle just in time to come down with the flu. What a horrible way to spend the day (and night). Maybe it's the bird flu? I could be Patient 1 in a global pandemic. Thank heaven there's NyQuil––in the original Green Death Flavor. nyqui liquid.gif



Rewriting: Step Two

muddhoney.jpgI finally finished the reread and after a four-page timeline and about seven pages of notes, I dug into the rewrite. Lazily, I went through and fixed all the grammatical things first before actually adding, changing and chucking anything.

Then after gridding out about 90 chapters, I went back and highlighted the areas where I need to add or delete whole sections--about twelve areas for major improvement, and thirty areas for polishing.

And even though I'm looking at weeks of work I feel like I'm frosting a cake at this point. It looks good, and I get to lick the frosting off my fingers once in a while. Of course with that nagging insecurity that my beautiful cake is actually a mudpie. Damn those voices in my head. Who? Yeah you. Shut up.



Rewriting: Step One

rewrite.gifAfter recovering from the weekend's festivities, I finally coated myself with sun block and jumped into the deep end of the Surefire rewrite. But I've yet to actually write anything. I don't know how ya'll work, but for me, this is how it's going:

1) I've reread almost half the manuscript, making copious notes, and marking the glaring errors that my eyes couldn't see a month ago.

 2) I've added chapter numbers, just to help correlate where I am in my notes. I don't normally write with chapter headings or titles, just breaks.

 3) Marked a calendar as I read, making notes of the time and day of each scene, just to make sure the continuity wasn't screwed up somewhere. (It was).

4) I went ahead and created a chapter matrix showing the characters coming in and out, looking for and finding the blank spots where I really wonked on a bit too long from scene to scene with the main characters. Usually because I was excited about what was unfolding at that point in the draft, and in retrospect I really needed to flow a couple of the secondary characters back in. Can't have my protagonist getting too comfy, now can I?

5) Noted where I needed more exposition in the dialogue-heavy sections and where I was uncomfortably light on character activity (booooring) in the expository-heavy sections.

6) Confirmed or corrected facts. How many passengers on a 737-200? (111) How many rooms does a certain hotel have (4,000). That kind of thing.

This is my mad, fumbling way or getting through it. Look familiar? Aside from adding a bottle of scotch, how do you go about it?