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The End Is Nigh

On sale now, until the end of the world.The first volume of the Apocalypse Triptych is now on sale, which includes my new story: This Unkempt World is Falling to Pieces.

And there’s a rave review of THE END IS NIGH over on Wired.com:

The End Is Nigh is very good. Of course it is. Adams and Howey are a two-man tour-de-force of post-apocalyptic lit. … Ultimately, the best thing about The End Is Nigh is how elegantly it balances on the thin line between beauty and devastation. There’s no story in the book that didn’t break my heart at least a little, and there’s none of the twenty-two that hasn’t stuck with me, hard. When the end is coming and the wolves are at the door, you hold tight to whatever’s at hand. [review]

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