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Everywhere in Norway but Jötunheim

We visited Trondheim, Fredrickstad, Stavanger, Haugesund, and Bergen. But only Oslo had snow. It was lovely to spend a week in Norway promoting Sanger til Willow Frost. We visited six cities in six days, ate January cod in season, drank fine Northern European beer, fought valiantly against the forces of jet-lag, and otherwise had a splendid time in a place that had hardly any snow and boasted above-freezing temps that would have most of the Midwestern US turning green with jealousy if they weren't already pale blue from frostbite. (Yet, we don't have snow in Montana. Global warming, much?)

With Benedikt Kyvik and her band on Haugeland POPAnd in other news, that blog silence you've been hearing is the sound of me writing. Book three is coming along nicely, though I still don't have the foggiest idea for a title. The working title of "Jamie's Secret Third Book" is wearing thin. Stay tuned.

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