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Fear and Loathing at Tiffany's

Hunter S. Thompson meets Holly Golightly.I'm baaaack from the Pulpwood Queens Annual Girlfriend weekend, which is like prom for book clubswith costumes, music, dancing, and Elvis.

This year's weekend was a tad smaller, but more intimate, and certainly more emotional. Book clubs are about shared moments, about community, about sisterhood. And this weekend showcased the power of hearts in common, where 1+1=10. One of the speakers, Gloria Loring, had everyone laughing, then in tears, and then laughing again.

And while it's a joy to spend time with book lovers, the icing on the cake for your's truly is communing with fellow authors and making new friendstoo many to count. Buuuut if I were to drop names, those names might be: Carol Cassella, Jenny Shortridge, Denise Kiernan, Melanie Benjamin, Cassandra King, Julie Cantrell, Marie Bostwick, Ashton Lee, Lesie Lehr, Becky Aikman, Karen Harrington, Marci Nault, Julie Kibler, Artis Henderson, Katherine Pancol, Susan Crandall, and more!)

But I'm barely unpacking (actually repacking). Because tomorrow I'm off to Norway for a week of book events. Yes, Norway, where it's a balmy 12°, kind of dark, but an amazing country with lovely, intrepid readers. And if I'm lucky I might see the northern lights shimmering overhead, which is almost as cool as Elvis.

A pride of lions, a pack of wolves, a murder of crows, a ( blank ) of authors?

The only Y chromosomes in the room, me, and Elvis. I'm in good company.

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